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Oakland Raiders News: One Man Found Alive in Ocean...No Names Released Yet

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This is an incredible tragedy.

The Coast Guard found a person clinging to an overturned boat off Florida's Gulf Coast on Monday, but could not immediately confirm whether it is the same boat with two NFL players aboard that went missing over the weekend.

As a fisherman, myself, there are days when we go out when we probably shouldn't and  fortunately we have always made it back...So far.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the four men.

It is always scary when the press won't announce the name of a survivor because that usually means that they are waiting to notify the families of the lost or dead before they announce the living.


 10:43 AM There is ALREADY AN UPDATE:

Nick Schuyler, a former football player at the University of South Florida, was found clinging to the side of the overturned boat, which was found Monday afternoon approximately 30 miles off the coast of St. Petersburg, Florida.



1:30 UPDATE:



There was no sign of his three pals, including

National Football League players Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper and Will Bleakley, another former USF gridder, officials said.

"He said they were overturned by a wave and all four men were clinging to the boat," Coast Guard Petty Officer

Robert Simpson.