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Silver and Black Pride's Sunday Community Poll

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A new feature for Silver & Black Pride will be the Community Sunday Poll. The activity on this site has increased incredibly over the last several months which has been evidenced by the total votes of the various polls. Not everyone chooses to post or comment and while that has also increased, polls seem to be a very popular feature of Silver & Black Pride.

While polls will continue to be attached to certain stories or posts at anytime, the Sunday Community Poll is a feature that will allow the community to vote on a subject that was the most active in the community during the week or the most newsworthy .

This Sunday's poll will be about our AFC West rivals as there were some very spirited debates with the Chiefs and Broncos this week. As time evolves and the personnel of our rivals change so might our despise for the three AFC West rivals whether it be because of the team and/or their fan base.

In the comment section you can explain your choice in the poll, or that you despise another NFL team more, or that you don't despise any team at all.

What's your choice community?