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Crabtree has GOT to be the pick:

With the Jaguars being stuck with the 8th pick and the Raiders drafting seventh, it is a very big possibility that Michael Crabtree will make his way to Oakland.

In a time that Oakland A's "Wolff in Sheeps Clothing" Owner, Lew Wolff, is tearing Oakland apart and making his intentions to leave very clear, the Oakland Raiders have added three of the League's brightest young talents in JaMarcus Russell, Zach Miller and Darren McFadden and may add another in Michael Crabtree.

Make no mistake that our sports teams give us something to rally around in Oakland and giving the fans a solid team that can support these star level players will have a possitive effect on the City of Oakland's psyche amid the current, near daily, loss of life from Oakland to Richmond coupled with the pending loss of our 81 game (min.) a year hang-out, The Coliseum Parking Lot for A's Games. I heard somewhere that the A's employ 1,000 people. That is a lot of locals that would lose their jobs.

Amid all of this losing, there are some bright spots. The Fox Theater has given Oakland a top notch Theater that has already drawn in BB King, Jeff Beck and Social Distortion. Uptown is nearing completion and the 10,000 unit urban condo project has created mini communities that are creating their own feel.

These are good stories and drafting Michael Crabtree will create a League-wide buzz about Oakland.

The O-Line is better, even though they looked pretty good at the tail end of last season, the Tight-End position is as strong as it has been since Todd Christensen dominated the AFC, Mcfadden, Fargas and Bush may be the best backfield in the NFL and JaMarcus Russell played his best football in the final three games last season.

What is missing from this team is a go-to, money on the line, hands receiver that can get 6-8 catches a week and go the distance on his own.

That player is "Big Play" Michael Crabtree. In fact I think I'm going to start calling him "Big Play".

I've watched as many highlight reels of him as anybody and I am a believer. He can work the sidelines, end zone and the slot.

This was kind of a rant, but, isn't that what Diaries are?