Draft Speculation Thread: Oakland Raiders. updated with DE speculation+Dream draft

In an attempt to further organize the offseason, here's the draft speculation thread. If you have opinions on the draft or any speculation, please post it here. From dream drafts to opinions on picks, please post it here.


Here's what I think Oakland should do for each of their needs, draft-wise.



WR: If Crabtree falls to us, then obviously I think Davis will draft him. Would he be a nice addition? Definitely. But I'd rather we draft one of bigger needs first. That's not to say I wouldn't drool over an offense consisting of J-Russ, D-Mac, Bush, Miller, and Crabtree (possibly M-Tree?)

Moving on from Crabtree, I doubt Heyward-Bey is a second-rounder anymore, but should he be, we must get him. Fast guy with a good set of hands. Used to double-teams and used to playing against great ACC defenses in Florida State and VT.

Hakeem Nicks would also be nice. I know everybody says he's not a very fast guy, but don't we have enough speedsters at WR? JLH and Schilens are both fast guys, why not get a guy with a good set of hands in? I know Schilens can catch some truly amazing passes, but I'd like to see a true possession guy in Oakland.


OT: Monroe has to be taken if he falls to #7, even if Crabtree's there. This guy's the perfect fit for Oakland. Not only balanced, in both, the passing and running game, but, he excels at both. I think he could be a truly elite OT in the NFL and he plays in a ZBS. What more could you want?

Another ZBS guy who's worth the 7th. pick is Jason Smith. Excellent run blocker and is also a good pass blocker. Either Monroe or J. Smith are perfect for me.

Andre Smith and MichaelOoher are two names I wouldn't mind seeing in Oakland. But I doubt both J. Smith and Monroe will be gone. Andre and Oher are bigger guys and play very physically. Both are SEC guys so they're used to playing the best defenses.


C: If we don't pick up a center in FA, expect either Mack or Unger in the second round. Our O-Line coach coached Mack and played against Unger as a Pac-10 rival. Both are very talented but I think Unger is the better run blocker of the two. I watched a lot of Oregon games, and Unger was always a very physical guy up front for a very talented Oregon running game. Mack is the smarter Center and the better pass blocker. It's really tossup as to what we need more, a better urn blocker, or a better pass blocker at center?


DT: I'm pulling for either Raji or Monroe with our first-round pick. Raji is an absolute beast at DT. But, then again, that's what we were saying about Dorsey. But, even I was skeptical of Dorsey, I'm not so much with Raji. Raji will demand more than one blocker and effectively plugs up any holes. Amazingly good at shedding blocks. Having him paired up with Kelly would be a match made in heaven.

However there's a lot of DT talent in the draft. From Michigan's run stuffer Taylor, to another BC man with a lot of potential in Brace, to a USC pass rushing stud in Moala. Raji would be very nice at #7, but there's a lot of good DT's that we can snag later on.


LB: I was pulling for Rey, but I've been converted to Brinkley-anity (combo Brinkley and Christianity, thank you LiveAdam) Would I be upset to see Rey taken at #7? No, but I would rather we take Brinkley in the third. Brinkley is a punishing tackler, something that's been missing from the position for a long time. Not very good in coverage, but that's why we have the Law Firm.


S: Sorry but I don't really know much safety-wise and I don't consider this a major need by any means. But there's two S in particular I would like to see in Oakland. David Bruton from good old Notre Dame, and a very talented S from the school of defense, Kevin Ellison of USC. Ellison is the preferred as he's balanced in both coverage and tackling. Not as good in coverage as Bruton, but he's a better tackler. Bruton had an amazing combine ranking either 1st. or 2nd in all major categories for the safety spot. (first in all but was second in the 40-yard dash) If we draft Ellison, then we move branch to FS. If we draft Bruton, then Branch goes to SS.


DE: I forgot DE, sorry. A lot of people would like Orakpo as the DE of the future since this is Burgess's last year. Orkapo is a good all-around DE. But there's so many good DE's out there in the later rounds.

There's Michael Johnson for those who want another pass rusher, but he's a little too high up for me. Personally I think we need a good run-stopper. People like Sidbury or Maurice Evans are great run-stoppers who we can get later on. Imagine having a DE tandem like Richardson and Sidbury, or richardson and evans. Two good run-stoppers working together. Sounds fantastic don't it?


Now for my personal dream draft. I honestly think that this draft could happen for Oakland.


1st. round: Monroe/J.Smith/Oher/A. Smith in order of preference. i won't argue over other possible picks but instead give my case for the O-Line selection. We don't know if Henderson can play at the level he did for an entire season. If he can't, then we're left with Erik Pears for LT. Horrible. Any of these guys gives Oakland a great pass blocker and a solid to great run blocker.

2nd. round: Heyward-Bey/Hakeem Nicks/Brian Robiskie. Heyward Bey is a tremendous athlete who has every quality of Crabtree. Just not to as high of a degree. There's not much of a drop-off between the two either. Bey has great speed and an underrated set of hands. Used to playing double teams as well. Nicks has the best hands in the draft. And though he doesn't have quite the speed of Robiskie or Bey, he has a great set of moves for getting open. I actually think his speed is really underrated. Robiskie is very fast and he has very underrated hands. He'll still drop some passes, but he's not as bad as some think.

3rd. round: Jaspar Brinkley. Brinkley is a great run-stopper and would give us a very solid LB corps. I'm sure LiveAdam has already given you several in-depth overviews of Brinkley. So I'll leave that up to him.

4th. round: Sammie Lee Hill/Terrence Taylor. Both guys are great run stoppers at DT. Our run defense would be better than set for this season.

5th. round: n/a

6th. round: Maurice Evans/run-stopper DE. If Evans is here we must draft him. Fantastic run-stopper at DE. If not, then we need to get the next best run-stopping DE. Burgess and Scott have the pass rushing down, but who is there to play with Richardson as a run stopper?

7th. round: depth. i have no idea where to draft here, just get some depth wherever it's needed.


Now let's hear your draft speculations!!!