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Oakland Raiders: S&BP Raiders 2008 Player Achievement Awards - Part IV: Offensive Player of the Year

The Silver & Black Pride 2008 Player Achievement Awards continues its series as we move to part IV - Offensive Player of the Year.

The community has made it clear of its choice of Defensive Player of the Year in a resounding landslide, you voted with 76% of the vote: Nnamdi Asomugha.

You have already voted Darren McFadden as your Rookie of the Year and Johnnie Lee Higgins as your Most improved Player of the Year.

In 2008 you could definitely say that the Raiders offense was challenged and left much to be desired. However, what is exciting for the Offensive Player of the Year category is that the four candidates are all very young, exiting and form the core of what will become a dynamic offensive force for the Oakland Raiders for many years to come.

The Candiates are:

JaMarcus Russell


From the moment the 2007 season ended, Russell was anointed the starting job for the 2008 season. JaMarcus definitely went through his share of growing pains during the 2008 campaign while starting 15 games, but he finally seemed to "get it" during the last two games of the year, ending 2008 with a QB rating of 77.1 His stats were pretty decent for what was essentially his rookie season.

Year Team Att Comp Pct Yds Lg TD Int Rat
2008 Oak 368 198 53.8 2423 84T 13 8 77.1

Zach Miller


The product of Arizona State quickly became a favorite target of quarterback Jamarcus Russell, as the big tight end was usually open when a crucial reception was needed. It would be hard to imagine just how bad the Raider offense would be without Miller as part of it. In fact, Miller in 2008 led all Raiders receivers in receptions and that was with Zach staying in and blocking much of the time due to the Raiders weak offensive line.

Year Team Rec Yds Avg TD Lng
2008 Oak 56 778 13.9 1 63T

Johnnie Lee Higgins


In 2008 JLH showed what he could do when he got his hands on the ball, especially on slant routes, when what would appear to be a short gain, JLH would split the seam and take it to the house. Johnnie ended up leading the Raiders wide receivers in receptions and in touch downs.

Year Team Rec Yds Avg Lng TD
2008 Oak 22 366 16.6 84T 4

Darren McFadden


The number 4 overall draft pick of the 2008 draft had his season interrupted by various injuries which obviously effected his stats, but nevertheless McFadden always made his presence felt on the field. McFadden, in limited play, still put up some decent stats and proved to be a threat running and catching the ball.


Year Team Att Yds Avg Lng TD
2008 Oak 113 499 8.7 50 4


Year Team Rec Yds Avg Lng TD
2008 Oak 29 285 9.8 27 0

Alright S&BP Community! Who is your 2008 Offensive Player of the Year?

Up next: Most Valuable Player