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Oakland Raider News: Bring Roy Williams HOME!

As you may have already heard, Roy Williams was released by the Cowboys today.

The seven-year veteran, a fixture in the Dallas interior secondary, was named to five Pro Bowl teams and one All-Pro squad. During his career with the Cowboys, Williams collected 611 tackles, 6½ sacks, 19 interceptions and 56 passes defensed.

Blessed with the instincts of a safety and the hitting power of a linebacker, Williams was often a liability in pass coverage. He was at his best playing close to the line of scrimmage and was an effective defender versus the run.

Maybe they just had their fill of Roy Williamses and decided to keep only one, but, regardless, the Union City native is on the free market and could instantly improve our run defense as well as add another leader in the huddle and locker room.

I'm not sure how much he will cost, and I'm sure that the Patriots (Who've lost Rodney Harrison) are already on the phone with his agent., (I completely blame Pioli for letting Beli-cheat off the hook by absorbing that albatross of a contract that Cassel received and now giving the Cheats 15 million to play with) but, if there is a way...Al...Please make THIS happen.

Not to cry over spilt milk, BUT, the money that went to Javon and Gibril last season could have gotten T.O./Ray Lewis and Roy done this year...Oh well!?!?!