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Oakland Raiders Breaking News: Niners-Denver-Oakland Complete Rare Three Team Trade

Here is the Link:

The inability to soothe Quarterback Jay Cutler rose the ire of the Denver Bronco Higherarchy and may be to the interests of two Bay Area Football Teams.

The Denver Broncos have traded Jay Cutler to the San Francisco Forty Niners for the #10 over all pick in the 2009 NFL draft. The San Francisco Forty Niners then traded Patrick Willis to The Raiders for Gerard Warren and the Oakland Raiders 2nd round pick in 2009, #41 over-all. To complete the trade the Raiders sent, RB, Michael Bush to Denver.

WOW!!! So, here is the new situation. Bush, Warren and the 2nd rounder are gone and Patrick Willis is here.

Denver has the #10 pick and Michael Bush.

The Niners have Gerard Warren, Jay Cutler and the Raider's #2 pick.


We could add Raji, Willis and Barden this off-season!!!!

I think that everyone comes out ahead here. What do you think?