2009 Draft Options

I was looking at a couple of Mock Drafts and one of them had us taking B.J. Raji in the first, the other had us taking Michael Crabtree and in another it had us taking Brian Orakpo. So I was thinking that depending on who we take in the 1st it could be changing the whole way we approach the rest of the draft.

So I have made a couple of Draft Scenarios where we take either Michael Crabtree, Brian Orakpo, or B.J. Raji in the 1st. I didn't put any thoughts on the how I came up with the mock or how the players are, because you guys should know well about these players, and if you don't do some research on them because they are all good football players and can excell in the NFL.

Personally I would more likely go with the Brian Orakpo Mock Draft, but then again it is so hard to choose because all these players are so good.

So anyways tell what you think by leaving me a comment and also tell me who you would take in the first.



1. Brian Orakpo
2. Jarron Gilbert
3. Mike Thomas
4. Frantz Joseph
7. Otis Wiley




1. Michael Crabtree
2. Patrick Chung
3. Dorell Scott
4. Frantz Joseph
7. Rulon Davis




1. B.J. Raji
2. Brian Robiskie
3. Clint Sintim
4. Emanuel Cook
7. Rulon Davis