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Oakland Raiders Draft Party: The Warehouse in Oakland

After finding out that Ricky's is rented out for a private party by the Oakland Raider Booster Club, and subsequently finding out that THAT party is sold out, I got ahold of another contact, Mike, who owns the Warehouse in Oakland.

The Warehouse has plenty of TV's and they will cater to our group. They will prepare a buffet spread and have drink specials an the best part is that there will be NO cover.

Mike will set aside tables for us and we can party down until the draft is over.

Can I get a head count so that Mike will know how many of us are coming.

Please respond to the poll and then leave a comment in the comment section so that I can let him know by Friday.

All of this hype and angst will end sometime around 2:45 on Saturday.

I'll be taking photos and filming our reactions so that we can link it on the Mocking the Draft site and the NFL Draft Link. (SBN will, for the first time ever, and maybe a Blogging Fist time, have full access to players in New York with full on press passes)

Map, Weblink and Driving Directions to The Warehouse

I'll be there by noon and will leave when all is said and done for the day.

I look forward to meeting all of you who can make it.