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2009 NFL Draft Open Thread: Pre-Draft 8AM PT

Wow!!! Christmas has come again this year. I have just cleared the sleep from my eyes and have the NFL Network on full blast.

It looks like Mark Sanchez is THE Wild Card this year as the Rams have already booked a flight to St. Louis for him (Probably just a smoke screen) and the entire Top 4 seem to be playing his value up in order to possibly move down and scoop up more picks.


With Stafford gone, the Top 4 Tackles, Aaron Curry and Michael Crabtree are still available and so are Orakpo and Raji.

If Sanchez moves into the Top 6 then one of our dream players, Crabtree, Curry, Either Smith or Orakpo will be there at #7.

Some mocks also have Tyson Jackson moving into the Top 6 and if he AND Sanchez crack the Top 6 then I will be losing my stuff because that means that either Jason Smith, Aaron Curry, Michael Crabtree or Eugene Monroe will be a Raider. OR we will have the fire power to move down and get some serious value back.

Are you pumped yet???

Here is a List of Players That May Get Traded and what Round Pick I'd expect for them:

Burgess: 3rd Rounder

Walter: 5th Rounder

Bush: 2nd Rounder or to Tampa for their First rounder after what he did to them last year.

Warren: 5th Rounder

I'll be gettiing to The Warehouse by Noon, if anyone has a laptop to TV connector can you bring it? We can Blog and show S&BP on one of the TVs.

Cheers, and see you at The Warehouse!!!