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NFL DRAFT 2009: Open Thread 40 Minutes Until The Inevitable Happens:

Matt Stafford is a Lion and you can feel the undercurrent in New York, all the way in Oakland.

There is an inttensity in this draft that I have not seen in years. It seems that many teams have targeted the same people and their hands will become quite clear at day's end...Or will they?

Being that today's Draft is only two rounds, instead of three as it was in the past, and the first round has been cut back to 10 minutes per team may mean that today is merely a prelim to the drama that will go down tomorrow.

My favorite Day II pick at this point has got to be the Bush in the early morning pick that sent me screaming through the house and waking the current, then not so much, Mrs. Saint and explaining the strengths of Michael Bush and what a steal he was.

Oddly enough...It looks like Stafford just got the message that he was being traded to Cleveland!!! To be continued!!!