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Oakland Raiders 2009 NFL Draft: Did the Empire "Stryker" Back Or Did Al Get Struck?

As I begin to recap this draft I am looking up and the Colts just drafted Zack Follett out of Cal with the 236th pick of the draft.

I am a bit disappointed that he didn't make the cut, but, the more that I learn about Styker Sulan, out of Mizzou, I can cut ties with Zack.

This entire draft has forced me to cut ties with players that I'd hoped would don the Silver and Black, BUT, each pick is intriguing enough for me to give this draft a chance, before I completely blast it.

I have digested the First Day and am very happy with the choices. In terms of needs assessment and being able to trade down and still get your guy and two more picks in the second round. I like it.

My problem may be with the 2nd Day. All the Raiders had to do was follow us on this board and they would have selected Barden, Kropog, Brinkley and Zack Follett with the 4th and 6th Rounders and that would have made this draft a MUCH better VALUE Draft.

Of course, being the Raiders, they didn't and have chosen the Raider types that previous coaches have tried to talk Al out of.

It is almost like the Raiders use NO outside info, only what they see on tape. This will, eventually, become more of a problem as teams lean on technology to get info from every info source possible while the Raiders are still calling names from Al's Rolodex. I love you Al, but you have to really explain to me how you can justify a bunch of tweeners over players like Brinkley, Robinson and Follett.

This draft /COULD/SHOULD have went like this:

Darrius Heyward-Bey - A rocket to run under JaMarcuss's passes and an incredible burst of energy from the slot and on short passes. I'll have more on him in a bit because I am seeing, much more clearly, why he is the perfect choice for this team.

Mike Mitchell - He may be the next Tatum, and I'll leave it at that for now. That should mean a ton to all of the faithfull.

With the 3rd pick, we were all a bit punch drunk and then knocked out when Michael Johnson almost fell in our laps. But, when the Bengals took him it seemed to throw the Raider's game off because Matt Shaugnessy was a HUGE reach over players like Ramses Barden, if you wanted another receiver, and Chase Coffman, if you wanted a Tight End.

The Steelers traded up with Denver to get my selection, Craig Urbick. Urbick will be one heckuva Right Guard in this League and he would have set us up for years to come.

The Fourth Round just turned weird. Nevermind that we could have probably packaged one of them with our third rounder and picked up Gilbert or Michael Johnson, we still could have selected Lawrence Sidbury and Tony Kropog or Jasper Brinkley. In stead we got another wide receiver that is similar to Bey and JLH and a Special Teams Linebacker, Norris Slade, that was NOT ranked higher than Zach Follett and had about half the career in the same Division.

If not for the Stryker Sulak pick, an actual value pick, the entire draft would have been a reach

Here is what the NFL Draft Board Says About Him:

A three-time All-Big 12 honoree, Sulak has the production and burst upfield to generate interest from every NFL team. He shared freshman of the year honors with tight end Chase Coffman of the Tigers, starting the final seven games of that season for Missouri and finishing with 38 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss and four sacks. Sulak's production increased as he gained experience, topping out with eye-popping numbers as a senior -- 55 tackles, 15.5 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks and an NCAA-leading six forced fumbles. With opposing offenses focusing much of their attention upon Missouri's other defenders, Sulak's production was inflated. Without the bulk to remain at defensive end full time in the NFL, he'll have to show he has the athleticism to make the transition to linebacker to avoid the "tweener" label.

Here is a glimpse into how the NFL sees our draft:

I'll start breaking down each player a bit later, but for now, it looks like The Raiders are getting players that play the game the Raider way. They have speed and can get to the Quarterback. Well, except for our 3rd Round pick, Shaugnessy.

Even the Tight End, Brandon Myers, fills a position. He is a blocking tight end. Now, maybe we can release Zack Miller more.

Time will tell, but for now, Did we Strike or get struck?