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Silver and Black Pride's Sunday Community Poll

With the Denver Broncos franchise in turmoil and still a lot of uncertainty surrounding Kansas City, the Raiders have a very good shot to win their first AFC West crown since 2002. With the whole AFC West having a tough schedule an 8-8 or 9-7 record will probably be enough to win the division. Standing in the Raiders' way to the division title, is nemesis and current monkey-on-their-back, the San Diego Chargers.

With the Raiders offseason going well and with them poised for a good draft, the Raiders may finally close the gap between them and the Chargers. San Diego has had a very quiet offseason with no major impact free agent signings, however, they are a team that drafts very well. They did lose Goff on the offensive line and Olshansky on the defensive line, both will need to be replaced.

The Chargers have owned the Raiders winning the last 11 straight games. The constants in most of those games were an ineffective offensive line, a total inability to stop Tomlinson and a terrible lack of discipline that would result in the Raiders losing games they could have or should have won. With the Raiders upgrading the O-line and with Cable instilling some discipline throughout the ranks, the remaining issues will be effectively stopping the run. We will soon find out if the problem was Rob Ryan and his scheme or talent.

Alright Nation, do the Raiders finally have enough to overtake the San Diego Chargers and win the weak AFC West?