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Oakland Raiders News: Can Jeff Garcia Kick Field Goals?

With the Oakland Raiders on the, aparent, verge of signing Jeff Garcia (Thanks Warrior2TheGrave), I only have one question...Can he kick field goals?

Because, if he can, then we may have another George Blanda on our hands.

I see Jeff Garcia as jam...Or, duct tape...He has just enough left in the tank to come into a game and make enough of a difference to keep it all together.

As a football fan, I appreciate Jeff Garcia.

As a LOCAL football fan, I believe that he is exactly who we need in Oakland.

The Bay Area, as those of you who currently or have lived here can attest, is a VERY special place. The idea of bringing a local, who has been a Pro Bowler and taken his teams to the playoffs, home to, perhaps, finish his career while he still has a little gas left in his tank gives me one more reason to root for my favorite team.

Jeff was actually almost a Raider before he was a Niner, the Raiders let him go out of camp before he caught on in the NFL, and now he has a chance to play for the BEST side of the bay, as Lott and Rice did.

His "Potential" signing has many thoughts going through my head:

1) Wow!!! We may have a real back-up!!!

2) Hold up, why would a QB, who wants to start , come here? Could it be that J-Russ is not putting in the time to gain Cable's trust?

3) Even if he is a back-up, his impact could be huge if the unmentionable happens.

4) Apparently the Raiders would let him compete for the starting job. OOOOOO, he is much more competition that Gradkowski, Tui or Walter.

5) Will he accept a tutorial role? If so, then he HAS to take J-Russ to Mission Ale House!!!

Of course, I am 100% behind the signing, my boy Yurgo will have his running mate back and we'll have the insurance, at least, that every real contender needs.

What do you think?