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Oakland Raiders News: Should Jeff Garcia Start in 2009?

I know that most of you are saying to yourselves, "Has Saint Lost His Freaking Mind?!?"

Well, maybe I have, BUT, my mind got to wandering tonight when I had two thoughts that added together and the end result was that Jeff Garcia may be the perfect choice to show JaMarcus the way by starting and winning.

Thought number one is that J-Russ is still the youngest starting QB in the NFL and has never really had a chance to learn and offense by watching a successful veteran day in and day out..

Thought number two is that we are a run based offense with backs and a tight end that lend themselves well to a Jeff Garcia type, dink and dump timing offense.

The thought of a timing offense with quick hits to players like Johnnie Lee Higgins, Darren McFadden, Michael Bush and Michael Crabtree mixed in with a running offense that carries has the ability to control the clock and limit turnovers is pretty intriguing.

Alright, I snapped out of it, JaMarcus has the ability to run an efficient offense while taking his shots downfield as was evidenced by his performance over the last three weeks of 2008 and Garcia is here to show him how to be a professional quarterback while providing us with a quality back-up that can win football games with the pieces that are already assembled.

Phew...I nearly lost my mind there...The good news is that Garcia is good enough to have that effect every once in a while.