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Building The Raider Nation's Vocabulary: Volume #1

We all know that the World is against us again. They think that Al Davis has lost his marbles along with his rocker and that JaMarcus Russell is 350 pounds. In hopes that we can beat them down with knowledge when we battle them I am launching a new segment called, "Building The Raider Nation's Vocabulary".

In this segment I will ask 6 questions, and each of you can answer them, without using any resources except for your mind.

I will then give the answers with in an in depth breakdown of each section in another Thread and together we will have quite the Silver and Black Encylopedia by the time the season rolls around.


So to start off this section, let's Build a Knowledge Base:

With which University did Al Davis get his first College job?

Who is the Raider's All-Time Rushing Leader?

Who is the Raider's All-Time Passing Leader?

Where did the Raiders first play their home games?

What was the name of the team before they were the Raiders?

Name As Many of The Original AFL Teams as Possible.


Feel free to expand on your answers.