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Silver and Black Pride's Sunday Community Poll: The Al Davis Ownership

Al Davis throughout his life has always done things his way - the Al Davis way. Though to many, he remains an enigma, no one can question his devout love for his team, the Oakland Raiders. For Al Davis, life begins and ends with the Raiders, with everything else being in between.

This past week, Al Davis was once again in the news though not by his doing. There was the bizarre and even obscure statement by Tim Brown during a radio interview that has already been well blogged on this site, so I won't go into that again.

What I will go into and is the subject of this Sunday's poll, is the recent story published by, ranking the NFL's Best & Worst Owners.

Here is the criteria that claims to use in their rankings:

Among the criteria used to evaluate owners was the willingness to spend money to improve the team; the stability and capabilities of the front office and management; the amenities at the team's venue; and the club's culture and interactivity with fans. Of course, weighing heavily in the decision was the team's success or failure on the field. (Note: Records are through 2008 season.)

Now, were it not for the ranking of Al Davis dead last, as the worst owner in the NFL, I probably would have just ignored the whole thing. We all know about the hating on the Raider organization that is out there, but it many times comes from the likes of ESPN. This piece, lacks all form of credibility, especially when you apply their own criteria. To be objective and keep your fandom aside, there really is no credible way that you can rank any one of: William Clay Ford, (the proud owner of the NFL's first 0-16 team), Dan Snyder, Mike Brown or Denise DeBartolo York as better owners than Al Davis. This is simply an indictment of's integrity.

This week's poll will ask you to vote where you objectively believe Al Davis should rank as the owner of the Raiders. When selecting, use the same criteria as supposedly has, except consider Al Davis' entire lifespan as the owner of the Raiders, not just the last 6 years.