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Oakland Raiders Trivia: Round II

Now that we all know that Al Davis first coached at a small school named Adelphi before moving onto Army and USC and that the original 8 teams in the AFL were Denver, Kansas City, Dallas, San Diego, Minnesota *, Boston, New York, Buffalo and Houston.

We also know that Kenny Stabler is the All-Time Raider Leader in Passing, not rating, and that Marcus Allen is the Leading Rusher.

And thanks to the last round we know that for three weeks the Raiders were called the Senors, played thier first game at Kezar and were the first team to play a game at Candelstick (Take That Whiner Fans).


Now it is time for 6 more question that will help to build our Raider Vocabulary:

What position did John Madden have with the Raiders before he was promoted to Head Coach?

How many teams in the AFC own a head to head advantage over the Raiders in All-Time games played?

What College team did Tom Cable Coach in his previous Head Coaching stint?

Name the teams that Jeff Garcia has played for. Bonus question: Which NFL team gave him his first try-out?

How many Super Bowls have the Raiders played in?

Name as many Raider Hall of Famers as you can.


I am really enjoying this process and the comments have been great, so in addition to posting the answers, please give as much info as you can, time permitting, about each question. I am building a data base for this info so that we will have a quick reference Raider Info link.