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Silver And Black Pride Announcement: Kaiser and LiveAdam Join the Front Page

Over three Oakland Raider Seasons, that were extremely tough to bear, I was the only front page writer for S&BP.

From Art Shell to "The Liar" I have been struggling to keep myself from breaking many things around the house, including my computer.

This off-seaon I decided that I needed more people to share some of the pain with me so I began by adding Raiderway and Marquez67 to the fold as SBN started to gain traction. As SBN's capicity and state of the art Blogging capabilities have grown so has this site.

Now, I would like to welcome LiveAdam and Kaiser to the front page. I am sure you will all agree that their passion for the Raiders is unrivaled and that they each bring a unique voice to Silver and Black Pride.

We have many things to look forward to this season and one of the best will be the combi-Nation of "Raider Nation" voiced on this site.