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Expand Your Silver and Black Vocabulary: Version 3.0, The Spelling Edition

 In this round of the Raider Trivia, I am going to give you hints at a player who's name is difficult to spell. Then you can guss the player and try and spell it without looking it up.


So, here we go:

1) Drafted out of Cal, where he was a safety, this Raider is easilly the Pride of the current Oakland Team.

2) This Old Time, In Raider Terms, Running Back scored Two TD's against Minnesota in Super Bolw XI

3) This converted Running Back, originally drafted by Dallas, In his career, caught 461 passes for 5,872 yards and 41 touchdowns

4) This former linebacker, from Long Branch New Jersey, played in four Pro Bowls and was a part f our winning team in Super Bowl XI.

5) This clipboard carrier was drafted in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft

6) This Raider Great was inducted into the NFL's Hall of Fame in 1988 and was voted into the NCAA Hall of Fame 1991. Now the best receiver in College gets a trophy named after him.


That should be a good base. There is nothing worse than spelling your own player's names wrong when writing an article or arguing with another fan. I have a feeling that there will be some 100% marks in this class.