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Weekly Raider Issue #4



Author's note- Sorry for the late post. Had a long week and was going to have a draft of this beforehand but just couldn't get to it.

Welcome one and all to the fourth issue of the Weekly Raider. There's a lot of things in-store for you in this issue. Michael Bush, my thoughts on 50 years of glorious Raider football, the featured fan, and some announcements below. Enjoy, and go Raiders!!!

-Weekly Raider: RB #29 Michael Bush-



Once a superstar running back out of Louisville, Bush is now a member of the most talented Raiders' backfields since the days of Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson. However Bush's story is not all glory and sunshine.

Back in his days at Louisville, Bush was an instant college star. His combination of tough running, surprising speed for his size, and great hands made him arguably the best running back in the NCAA. But then came a grim day.

One evening at the University of Kentucky, Bush's 13th. ranked Louisville team was set to face off against in-state rival Kentucky. Bush takes the handoff but gets stuffed in the backfield and is leg moves in a very awkward manner. Bush fails to get up and fans stare down awestruck at the sight before them.

Michael Bush Injury (via mgoblog)

Bush's broken leg would keep him out the rest of the season. After which Bush would apply for the draft. A sure-fire first round pick, Bush would fall all the way down to the fourth round where an eager and rebuilding Raiders team would immediately snatch him up.

Bush wouldn't see action his first year as his leg still needed to heal up. But when the 08 season rolled around, Bush would prove he still had first round talent. Bush's hard running and speed would serve him wel through the season despite very limited carries. His stats week by week:

Week 2 vs. Chiefs- 16 rushes, 90 yards, 1 touchdown

Week 3 vs. Bills- 14 rushes, 55 yards, 0 touchdowns

Week 4 vs. Chargers- 14 rushes, 48 yards, 0 touchdowns

Week 6 vs.Saints- 3 rushes, 9 yards

Week 8 vs. Ravens- 6 rushes, 10 yards, 0 touchdowns

Week 9 vs. Falcons- 3 rushes, -2 yards, 0 touchdowns

Week 10 vs. Panthers- 8 rushes, 30 yards, 0 touchdowns

Week 12 vs. Broncos- 2 rushes, 0 yards, 0 touchdowns

Week 14 vs. Chargers- 2 rushes, 4 yards, 0 touchdowns

Week 17 vs. Buccaneers- 27 rushes, 177 yards, 2 touchdowns

So when given carries, Bush can really rack up the yardage. Worth noting, he was injury free all year.

My expectations this year for Michael Bush; I personally think he should be the starting back because he's the most complete back. If he doesn't start though, I'm positive he'll see plenty more carries than he did last year.

I say he'll have about 850 rushing yards, 350 receiving yards, and 8 touchdowns in total as he should be the short-yardage and redzone running back.

-Random Thoughts: 50 years of Raiders Football-

I'm not a guy who likes to live in the past, but since this the Raiders 50th. season, let's reminise a bit.

Things would start rough for Oakland in their first few years. But form the late 60's to the mid 80's, the Raiders would post the highest win percentage of nay team in the AFL/NFL. In this timespan, Raiders fans were privileged to watch legends such as Ken Stabler, Dayle Lominica, Jim Plunkett, Cliff Branch, Dave Casper, Fred Biletnikoff, Todd Christiansen, Marcus Allen, Mark Van Eeghen, Art Shell, Gene Upshaw, Jim Otto, Howie Long, Willie Brown, Lester Hayes, Michael Haynes, Jack Tatum, George Atkinson, Ray Guy, George Blanda, and many more dominate the sport of football.

With three Super bowl blowout victories, the Raiders of the modern day have been lacking. In the late 90's and early 2000's, the Raiders would make a bit of a comeback with players like Rich Gannon, Jerry Rice, and Tim Brown, but would be decimated against the Bucs in the latest Super Bowl appearence. Since then, the Raiders have been in a tailspin of epic proportions. But you all are more than aware of that so I won't go in detail.

However, through it all, Raider fans have stayed devoted and hopeful. The Raiders have been slowly improving and the future is looknig bright. May this 50th. year be the beginning of another great 50 years of Raiders football.

-Featured Fan: Toozak-



Another one of the Raiders most well-dressed fans, Toozak is covered in spikes, skulls, studs, and of course Raider patches and logos. I know if I was a fan of the opposing team, I wouldn't want to run into this guy in the parking lot after the game. However, Toozak is one of the most well-mannered and polite Raiders fans. Though his appearence doesn't show it. As our featured fan, he's your random picture.




A couple announcements for the Weekly Raider. Once training camp and preseason begins, the weekly raider will no longer be a player chosen by you, but a player that I think is worth watching for in preseason and camp. You know, someone who training camp will be major for. Whether that be for a battle for a starting role, or to see if they'll even make the roster.

Last announcement, once fall rolls around, I might not be able to post the Weekly Raider some weeks. Basketball season will be starting up at my school in November. Practices and games might not allow me to be able to post the Weekly Raider. In which case I'll either ask RaiderWay to post the Weekly Raider, or appoint one of you to.

That is all. Thank you for reading and go Raiders!