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Silver and Black Pride's Sunday Community Poll: The Raiders 2nd Best Player

The best player currently on the Raiders roster also happens to be the best of the 1,696 players in the National Football League and that player is Nnamdi Asomugha.

This week the poll is seeking from you, to find out who, after Nnamdi, is the the Raiders best player. In other words, the 2nd best player on their roster right now. This is not about who could be the next best player, or who will be the next best player this season or in the future, but rather, who is the best player now on the Raiders roster.

With the Raiders in a rebuild mode and relatively young, the roster is full of "potential", that if said potential develops, will have the Raiders back to their winning ways. When that potential arrives in the form of Pro Bowl level talent, the Raiders will turn the corner. Those players with that potential, but have not arrived...yet, are: JaMarcus Russell, Darren McFadden, Michael Bush, Mario Henderson, any of the young wide receivers and from the defense, Thomas Howard, Trevor Scott, Tyvon Branch and Mike Mitchell. Some of those players may end up the Raiders "2nd best" player by the end of this year, but are not as of yet.

For now, the candidates for the Raiders 2nd best player, or the best player after Nnamdi are:

  • Zach Miller: Zach has been the leading receiver for the Raiders for the last two years and is a favorite target of JaMarcus Russell. Miller is becoming one of the premiere tight ends in the league and will likely see his first Pro Bowl this season.
  • Robert Gallery: Only because of his high draft status and failure as a left tackle, have kept Gallery from getting the "public" recognition that he deserves. However, Gallery as a left guard has been a solid mainstay for the Raiders offensive line and one of the top lineman in the league operating the ZBS.
  • Kirk Morrison: Kirk had a down year last season, but he is a Raider through and through, living his dream playing for the team he grew up loving. Kirk's attitude, character and mentality put him as a candidate beyond just his physical talents.
  • Shane Lechler: The Raiders all-time leading punter who happens to be a four-time All-Pro is certainly one of the players on their roster that can change the flow of the game. Without the punting skills of Lechler, the Raiders would be at a serious disadvantage. Lechler has actually become a weapon for the team and is truly a "special" special teams player.