I hate ESPN

I just got done watching Merril Hoge offer his analysis, of the Raiders, after they whooped up on the 'boys. Most notably, he was slamming Jamarcus's performance, by highlighting his two incompletions to DHB. He tongue and cheek commented, that we all know DHB is fast, and then felt compelled to mention that the go route isn't going to work in the NFL like it did in college. He also felt Jamarcus better start improving or Garcia is going to be starting sooner rather than later.

Had he decided to look at Jamarcus's entire performance, he might have seen that the go route can be effective, simply by occupying defenders. It helped open up the field for other plays, like the five completions Russell delivered to Schillens. Jamarcus looked good in completing %66 of his passes, while making solid decisions. This was not the time to question his viability as a starter in this league. And to do so by highlighting two of his three incompletions is just lazy commentary.

I agree, that Jamarcus can do a better job of looking off safeties, but Merril Hoge can leave his concussed driven opinions for his friends at the bar. He came off like the shallow minded fool, who tries to elevate his popularity by picking on the stereotyped shortcomings of the class nerd.

I realize the Raiders have noone to blame but themselves for the creation of these opinions, but come on, it is just horrible commentary to slam Jamarcus after his solid performance. Oh well... all of this unevaluated ridicule is just going to make the successes the Raiders are going to have this year, that much sweeter.

I am not going to sit here and claim the Raiders are going to the playoffs, but I feel the Offense is poised to shove it up, naysayers like Hoge, assholes!