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Silver and Black Pride's Sunday Community Poll: The Blowout Aftermath

The third worse exhibition loss in franchise history. Just an exhibition game? Maybe, probably not, this was the game where all the starters were to play a majority of the game to prepare for the regular season opener in just two weeks. Well, if that is how the Raiders will be getting ready for the Chargers come Monday Night, then we're in trouble.

Instead of analyzing this game that really doesn't need analysis, if you saw the game, listened to the game or read the box score, I will let the players team speak for themselves. Following are quotes to after yesterday's debacle:

"This is embarrassing to me," Raiders coach Tom Cable

"Not good," Cable said. "Very disappointing is the only way to put it."

"I've never felt so lousy after a game, period," tight end Zach Miller said.

"We just didn't put it together," defensive end Greg Ellis said.

"A lot of times, we were getting up to the ball, getting set, and they were still trying to get lined up," Brees said.

"We've got guys who can make plays that don't make them," Cable said. "We've got guys who can wrap up but don't. To put your finger on one thing in something like that would be pretty ludicrous after that."

If something bad happens, we can't let it snowball and keep turning into worse things," Miller said.

"We just have to make sure Week 1, Monday night, we're not going to have a show like this," running back Michael Bush said. "Bottom line."

The quote from Brees really says it all. The players, the coaches simply were not in any way prepared to play a football game yesterday and the "team is going to have to do a lot to, as Bush says not put a show on like that for week one against the Chargers.

Let's hope this game was at least a learning experience for the whole team and they will all take it upon themselves to do what they have to do in the next two weeks to be ready for week 1.