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Richard Seymour Is Coming "Home" To Oakland!

Raider fans rejoice and Charger fans begin to fret because Big "Daddy" is Coming "Home" to roost!

That's right, Hater-Nation, Seymour is a lifelong Raider fan, who has come home!

There are two threads open here, on Silver and Black Pride, that contain quotes from the Big Fella himself that he is coming to Oakland and that he is happy about it.

From the Boston Herald:


"There are a lot of different emotions," Seymour said. "Football was not my main concern at that point. I have had discussions with the Raiders… I’m excited and happy with the way they’re looking at me."

I'm calling him "Big Daddy" because he mentioned that he has four children and is the guardian of his 15 year old nephew. With that being the case I can completely appreciate that he took some time to make the best decisions for his family. I mean, school just started, and now they are moving back to South Carolina!

I have three children, with a fourth on the way and I could not imagine just up and leaving them if my job told me that I was being permanently moving to New York...Tomorrow.

Now, according to him, we will all see him on Monday Night and he'll be right where he should be:

Seymour said if you want to watch for him with his new team, he’ll be wearing No. 92 on Monday Night. "I’ll be the guy on top of the quarterback," he said

This is quite a different stance than the one taken by Randy Moss when he rolled up to his first training camp in his Minnesota Viking SUV, so I, and the rest of you out there, should stop the comparisons between "Big Daddy" and every other big name that we've traded for in recent years.

Seymour is not overrated, see "'Angelo Hall" (He left the "D" in Atlanta). Seymour is also not a "prima donna" whiner who is looking for a way out.

Nope, he is a "5 Time Pro Bowl, Three Time Championship Winning, Anchor of the D-Line, Nasty, QB Hungry" Raider and he is PROUD to be in Oakland!!!

So, take that Rodney Harrison. By the way Rodney, if you would NEVER play in Oakland, why were they your second choice behind New England? Actually according to you, and I will find the quote, the only reason you didn't come to Oakland was because you didn't want to disrespect the Chargers. Then  again, who would expect a lying, cheating, roided up person like you to know which way is up anyway.

And take THAT all of you medi-diots who laugh at our proud organization at every turn. The Raiders are rising to the top again, trust me. Just ask Jon Gruden what he thinks about the squad that ended his tenure in Tampa.

Welcome to Oakland Richard and I look forward to seeing you, in #92, lined up against the Chargers on Monday Night.

I appreciate how family came first for you, and I now welcome you into our family, THE Nation, THE RAIDER NATION!

(Hey crew, maybe this means that we can play some 3-4 and move Trevor Scott to an OLB position on passing downs?...That is for another article...But I will say this, the defense just got quite a few new wrinkles and I am now looking for a #92 jersey!)