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Al Davis On The Offensive: Davis Aims at Harrison, Sapp and Lombardi

"Lord" Al Davis was at his best again tonight.

He , once again showed that he knows what is being said about himself and the Raiders as a whole and he has taken the offensive in support of some players while he has opened the doors up on others.

See below how he sets the record straight on Randy and Derrick, and then calls out Rodney Harrison.


FROM Jerry McDonald's Blog:

Listen, Derrick has never been negative...Derrick wanted more money that we couldn’t give him.

Randy Moss was great here for us. We couldn’t satisfy Randy, that was our fault. He’s a truly great player.

The idea when you get a great player is to make him happy and satisfy him. But, I’ll tell you this. For example, there’s one player that I remember that keeps attacking us. In the year 2003, he sat in my office and begged for a contract, and I wouldn’t give it to him because of rumors. That guy attacked us on the television shows, and it’s only because I wouldn’t give him a contract and I wouldn’t let him play here...I can go through the litany.

and I wouldn’t give it to him because of rumors.

Hmmmm??? What kind of rumors?


New England Patriots strong safety Rodney Harrison has been suspended for the first four regular-season games after violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy, the league said early Saturday.

Is Lord Al implying that the teams around the NFL knew that something was amiss with Mr. Harrison's diet?

It is as obvious as whom he is talking about in this statement as well:

. And one ‘em said he wouldn’t want to come here because it’s a bad place to play, and a Black Hole (inaudible) and until you get the facts, and you talk to the person, you really shouldn’t open up and start talking. We have one guy on our own network that we own, the NFL Network, who’s worked for five teams in this league, he’s been fired by all five teams and he comes on as an expert and says that Richard doesn’t want to play for the Raiders, he doesn’t want to go out there. Which was totally untrue, because I would have backed away if he didn’t want to come out here. And I say to you, it isn’t what you think it is

I think he may be referring to these two people:

The Oakland Raiders fired senior personnel executive Michael Lombardi on Wednesday, further distancing themselves from last year's 2-14 season. Lombardi's role had been diminishing in recent months and the move was expected. He was not seen at practice during last weekend's mandatory minicamp.

Hall remembers some former Raiders telling him Oakland  "is a giant hole for great players. Warren Sapp told me that. Randy Moss told me that. I thought I could be different, but it’s hard to be successful out there."


Lombardi just got crushed by Al Davis. Fired 5 times by 5 Organizations and has a job judging Organizations? I wonder what your track record has to be to be UN-qualified?

He then went on to say that Warren Sapp was not the player that he thought he would be and that Seymour IS that player.

I Love it when Al throws down! He was ON today and hopefully the next time we see him he will be holding up a Lombardi and not putting one on an overhead projector!

Let's Go RAIDERS! Let's DO THIS on Monday Night!!!