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Silver and Black Pride's Sunday Community Poll: Despite the Media - Richard Seymour to Play for the Raiders

Wow, what a week. If we all had to really believe what the media espoused about the Raiders and Richard Seymour this week, Richard Seymour would be lining up on Monday Night against the Bills instead of the Chargers. Thank you Richard Seymour and Al Davis for clearing the picture for all of Raider Nation.

Saint just posted an excellent rendition of the last night's press conference and Jerry McDonald has the entire recap including the "post press conference" with Al here. I recommend everyone check it out as it is really a great read.

So now, after this whole week of ups and downs and now with Seymour definitely playing Monday Night, are your expectations any different for the outcome tomorrow night?

As already discussed thoroughly on this blog, Seymour is a huge upgrade not only to the line but for the whole defense for which he will have an immediate impact. His experience, character, leadership and "locker room factor" will no doubt have an indelible effect on the entire team in ways we haven't seen here in years.

With that being said, two weeks ago in the Poll, the Community was asked about how the Raiders would fare against the Chargers on Monday Night following the Raiders' preseason week 3 beat-down against the Saints. In that poll, the majority, 40% of you thought the Raiders would be massacred by the Chargers just like the Saints did. Only 19% of you thought that the Raiders would come together as a team and make a competitive game of it.

Now with Seymour and the impact he will have on the entire team, what do you think?

SABP notes & upcoming events:

  • The will be an open thread today for the NFL season opening weekend. Our two divisional rivals play today, Denver at Cincy and KC at Baltimore.
  • Raiders vs Chargers Gameday preview tomorrow.
  • Talkin' With Tyvon will be published Wednesday this week. Tyvon will be giving us the rundown on his play and his thoughts of the Chargers game.