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A Quick Post Game Wrap and Rant:

Interestingly enough, the mood leaving the Coliseum was pretty much staid. Not too many people were upset because they saw a VERY entertaining game. Which, being honest, was a moral victory for the Raider Nation.

In the final standings, yes, we are 0-1. BUT I guarantee that the Chargers want nothing more to do with us, and that goes for the rest of the AFC.

Can I "Say any More about "Sey-Mour" than blast the fact that he was the most dominate player on the field? From the stands you can easily see that he is the biggest player on our defense. He is HUGE!!! And he came up HUGE tonight! He WAS the man on top of the quarterback tonight. Twice!

And Tyvon was all over the field making plays tonight. Whether it was laying out LT or playing hard on ST, Tyvon showed that he belongs in the starting line-up.

Mc-Bush was fantastic tonight, in fact, I wondered why we even passed the ball once in the first half, except for the seem passes to Miller.

And what about Chris Johnson?!?! yet, another Al Davis find who has really come into his own. He was laying the wood and covering them good!

Did the refs pull out a screw job on the Raiders, per usual? Of course they did. In fact, being screwed by the guys in "Orange?", is in the Anti-Raider play book:

Rule 37-6.5: From here on out we shall do whatever it takes to make Al Davis look bad and make out corporate conglomerate look great. Which includes translating the rule book to the best of OUR ability, even if it means making "stuff" up.

Can someone out there PLEASE explain to me how a receiver can catch a ball, land with both feet in the end zone, possess it after contact and then NEVER lose possession after hitting the ground and be called for not catching it?

That is the crux...That is the pain that I feel...Well, that and having to watch Phyllis Rivers' antics on the sideline. I really think that I hate him and I think that many Charger fans know that he is...I  can't go there. I am still too sore. About as sore as the Chiefs will be next week!!!

So, here, write about your post game thoughts...