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CSN Reports: Chris McAlister To Sign With The Raiders

The little sports news updater on CSN has been running the line that Chris McAlister is signing with the Oakland Raiders!

UPDATE: Thanks to LiveAdam for pointing this out: CSN's WEBSITE IS REPORTING:

Comcast SportsNet Bay Area has learned the Raiders will sign former Ravens cornerback Chris McAlister. McAlister may play on Sunday in Kansas City.

Talk about the rich getting richer...snark!

I mean, the Patriots, Cowboys and Giants seem to have the most pull when it comes to getting the best players at this time of the season to fill a hole or add depth to certain packages.

This year, it looks like the Oakland Raiders just may have convinced some players around the League that playing on a good team with, THE Best Players Owner in Football, Al Davis sound attractive enough to have, reportedly, lured Chris McAlister to the AFC West's most beloved, Oakland Raiders!

I was able to find that it is hearsay from "People close to him", from the Baltimore Sun Blog, and I think that playing him at Free safety with Nnamdi, Tyvon and Chris Johnson would give us one of the best defensive backfields in the NFL to go along with Seymour, Warren, Kelly and Ellis...Am I dreaming?