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Game Thread: Oakland Raiders Visit The Kansas City Chiefs 9-20-09: Someone's Season Will End Today: 0-2 is a Death Knell, 0-3 Is A Walking Corpse!

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In case you Missed RaiderWay's Break Down Here It Is.

I heard on the radio this week that only 14% of teams that start out 0-2 make the playoffs, and that nobody has started out 0-3 and made the playoffs...Ever!

I then did a quick Google search and found this from the USA Today, circa 2007 (If anyone wants to look it up as of 2009, be my guest):

Only five teams (out of 59) since 2000 have rebounded from a 0-2 start to make the playoffs. Since the NFL expanded to a 16-game schedule in 1978, 26 teams that started 0-2 reached the playoffs.

That is MUCH worse than 14%, in fact it is only between an 8-9% chance.

With the Playoffs and Super Bowl being the goal for every player that straps on a helmet and sacrifices his body on Sundays, going 0-2 is NOT an option for the Silver and Black!

The early start CANNOT be an excuse!

The Raiders SHOULD dominate BOTH sides of the line, and barring crazy plays (Ala Denver last week) this game will fall squarely on the shoulders of JaMarcus Russell. He needs to step up NOW.

A win today will set the team up to go 2-1 in the Division after 3 games with revenge on their minds the next time they meet the Chargers!

Today is the first step toward erasing the stench of rotting flesh that has invaded our locker room early and often over the past 6 seasons and returning the Raiders to their rightful place in the AFC West! On Top BABY!