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Talkin' With Tyvon - #4


Greetings Raider Nation! Silver and Black Pride is proud to bring you the 4th installment in the series, Talkin' With Tyvon from Raiders starting strong safety, Tyvon Branch. This week, we had the chance to catch up with Tyvon after the Raiders first victory of the season against KC and get his thoughts. Below, Tyvon provided some answers to some questions from SABP and provide us some insight from last Sunday's game.

The Community is invited to ask some questions to Tyvon in the comments section and he will do his best to get as many of them answered as quickly as possible:

What a great time to be a Raider. I feel that we are really coming into our own as a team and grasping coach Cable's system. The confidence grows every day. Leading up to last week’s game we were extremely focused and looking forward to learning from last week’s heartbreak. This week we did some things better, but we still have a lot to focus on as we move forward. This week will be a tough conference rival, and we look forward to moving to the top of the standings...Go Raiders!!

SABP:  Congratulations on the first win of the season. It wasn't pretty, but the team hung together and got the win in a game that previous Raider teams surely would have lost. What's the biggest difference that you see in this year's team compared to last year?

TB:  Confidence. We are a year older, a year smarter, and had a year to learn from Coach Cable. Everything is starting to click. I have embraced my role on the team, and I think each player individually is working hard for the team's success.

SABP: On the Chiefs final drive, the defense stayed aggressive and did not go to the prevent, what were you guys saying to each other in the huddle on that final drive?

TB: We a learned from the Chargers game and were not going to let it happen again. We stayed upbeat and kept the intensity going.
SABP: Sean Ryan, the Chiefs tight end, had one reception for 7 yards. What did you do to completely take him out of the game?

TB: We changed some looks on our D that allowed me to play more aggressive and stay in his hip pocket all game. Mixing up packages and reading things quicker allow us to play a more aggressive style of defense.
SABP: Michael Huff has credited Nnamdi with his recent resurgence. What impact has Nnamdi had on your current development?

TB: His football IQ is amazing. He is so intelligent whether it is at practice, film or at the games. His impact on the whole team, in particular the secondary, has really allowed everyone to get better.
SABP: Tom Cable draws a lot of comparisons to John Madden as a strong, no BS, leader of men. How is it to play for Coach Cable knowing that he has your back? How are Cable's pregame speeches? Is he the motivator that the media plays him up to be?

TB: Coach Cable is awesome. He is basically a member of the team. He is fun to be around and extremely intense when it comes to football. Listening to him in practice/pre game/post game...where ever it may be he always knows how to get us going.  

SABP:  How was the flight home after beating an old AFL rival?

TB: Sorry to disappoint here, but it was the same as every other game. Fifty some guys grabbing a quick bite to eat then trying to get a little sleep in before getting into this week’s game. So, it was not a party or anything like that.

SABP: The Denver Broncos are up next, the 3rd straight divisional opponent and the Raiders have a chance to be in first place with a victory. Are you starting to feel the team's confidence grow to where you can take control of the division?

TB:  Definitely. There is no doubt this team can compete as the season progresses. We have an excellent opportunity this week, and we are looking to capitalize on it.


Thanks Tyvon and good luck on Sunday against Denver.