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Game Thread: Live Blog: Preseason Game 4: Oakland in Seattle 09-03-09

The most recent memory that I have about playing the Hawks is a game that was played in Seattle when the skies dumped three inches of water on the faux grass and provided Shaun Alexander his own personal slip and slide into the end zone, through and over the Raiders.

That game signaled the beginning of the end for our run defense.

Today's game will NOT be played in those conditions, but it will be an extremely important game for the Raiders. In fact, the Post Game may be the biggest part of the game because the decisions the coaches make can cost us another Kevin Boothe or Dave Tollefson, 53rd Men who have moved into starting roles at key positions that we could use right now.

Thanks Again to Tyvon for making this place even more special. I know that thousands of new people will be rooting for YOU and the RAIDERS tonight.

So go out there, lay some wood, grab a pick and be out by the Second Quarter!!!