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Silver and Black Pride Quick Poll

The running back dilemma continues. Roster trimming day is tomorrow and the Raiders have needs in other areas. The area where they don't have needs is overflowing with talent. Both Rankin and G. Russell showed their wares last night for a roster spot and neither one of these promising young backs will clear waivers.

Should the Raiders find a way to keep both Rankin and Russell, even at the expense of another position? I believe that Rankin and Russell are both too young and too talented to cut and that they will remain on the 53. The Raiders can risk releasing both Lawton and Reece of which one or both should clear waivers and then can be signed to the practice squad. There is always the possible but unlikely trade of Fargas which would be the best solution.

This was polled a few weeks ago, but the the situation has not cleared itself up due to the impressive play of Rankin and Russell. Additionally, Fargas didn't play last night because of injury and you know that Fargas will not make it through a 16 game schedule without injury. Durable depth is needed. What does the Community think now?