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The Best Is Yet To Come: My Thoughts On The Richard Seymour Acquisition

Let's Hear It For Al Davis and his management team!

Seriously. Once again they have gone out and done the best they could with what they had to get a piece that can best help the organization!

How this move pays off in the near and long run remains to be seen, but from where I am sitting (in a comfy new leather seat) this move may be the best we've made since we brought in Rice, Parella and Woodson. And not one of those players was shy of 30 years old.

The pundits are already flapping their gums about this being a one year deal and the Patriots getting over on the Raiders again. To them I say that we are still repaying them for Jim Plunkett. We owe them two Championships and we may have just gotten over again.

Say what you want about first rounders and their value, especially in 2011 when the value will increase x5 for those who make it in this League and become factors, but I doubt that the pick we lost will be as good of an NFL player as Richard Seymour.

When I play imaginary defensive coordinator and I write down the names, Greg "The Raider's Unicorn" Ellis, Tommie Kelly, Gerard Warren and Richard Seymour as my front four, I am completely, out of my mind, encouraged and my mind races with how I will use Trevor Scott, Jay Richardson and Desmond Bryant in the rotation with The Law Firm shooting the gaps and wreaking havoc in pass coverage.

This doesn't even take into account the play making ability of the secondary with Nnamdi, CJ, Mini-Tatum and "New" Branch.

The addition of Richard Seymour has solidified the entire defense. He will take time off of the quarterback's clock, which will result in increased turnover ratings for all who dare to throw on this team.

He will also be the sealing force on "Hopefully" the left end that pushes the pile back and let's the linebackers and strong safety go to work against the running game.

Also, keep in mind Raider Nation, this will be his first time having a one gap assignment, the Raiders play a 4-3 instead of the 3-4 that the Pats play. Imagine how many sacks he can get in a 4-3 when he had 8.5 in a 3-4!

As the pundits continue to spew their hatred, I just sit back and laugh. We are on our way Nation, let's just be the one's who laugh loudest as we are the ones who will laugh last.