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Open Thread: Give A Shout Out To Richard Seymour:

I am opening up this thread in hopes that SOMEHOW it gets in front of Richard Seymour or someone who knows him. It is important that he hears from us, the fans, who will support him when he dons the Silver and Black.


So, I'll start:

Richard: I know that you have Burgess, Jordan, Walter and Moss in your ear about how terrible it is playing in Oakland...Well, here is a bit of background on those Four.

Moss played hard for us for 4 weeks, got injured, and then decided that he didn't want to play here anymore. Had he actually played for us the team would have won more than 2 games in 2006. Interestingly enough he was a fantastic role model in comparison to the other four.

Burgess was a Pro-Bowl player thanks to Al Davis claiming him off the scrap heap and giving him a nice contract. Once he became a Pro-Bowler he wanted more money and stopped playing because he felt like he was under-paid. Sound familiar?

Walter set records in the Pac-10 yet got injured and got burried on the depth chart and was terrible in his limited shots. Part of that was the O-Line, part of that was his slow feet.

Finally you have the cry baby Jordan, another player who was given a chance to be a star by Al Davis and he re-payed the organization by calling in hurt and sick. Just ask Warren Sapp about how much Jordan GAVE on the field.


In short, NONE of these players are Raiders. It is truly too bad because Randy and D-Burge could have been All-Timers.

Raiders don the Silver and Black and get the support of the entire Nation. If you think that "Patriot Nation" is great just wait until you feel the love of Raider Nation.

I know that Al Davis is willing to make you RICH and this team can build around your presence and return to the glory that has typified our existence.

Morrison, Howard, Ellis, Kelly and Nnamdi are as good as it gets at their positions. Tyvon, Mike Mitchell, Chris Johnson and Ricky Brown are each on the verge of becoming special in this League and all they need is a player like YOU to come in and open up some space for them to work. Imagine how many sacks you can have iin the 4-3 this year!?!?!

Do NOT let the haters interfere with the Greatness that you will achieve here.

Number 93 can be a number that is associated with the greatness of our team for the decades to come and all that is stopping this from happening is you getting your butt on a plane and helping us tear down the Chargers on Monday Night. Do NOT run from greatness due to fear, embrace it...Become it!!!