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Saint's Takes: Al Davis Was Right About Warner and Rodgers, Tom Cable Made His Own Bed

Hello Raider Nation, there are a couple of things on my mind this morning, so without further ado I will dive into them.

- First of all, last night's Arizona/Green Bay playoff game was one for the ages. The up and coming Aaron Rodgers was going toe to toe and blow to blow with the ageless Kurt Warner. They were locked in a "Whatever you can do, I can do better" game of one-ups-manship.

When the dust settled, they had set post-season records for touchdown passes thrown, scoring and yardage.

The thing that stuck out to me all game was the fact that these were two quarterbacks that Al Davis has endlessly pursued. You can say that he needs someone to come in and handle the game planning and coaching, but the man does, certainly, have an eye for talent.

Now, Mr. Davis, can you please bring in someone who knows what to do with it?

- The second thing that stands out to me this morning is Tom Cable's attitude about the offensive line going into last year's draft.

When he was pressed about the offensive line he said that he had the guys he wanted and that they didn't need to upgrade.

Boy, was he wrong!!!

Cable also crowned himself a great play caller and showed all season that he was outmatched. Too many times Gradkowski, McFadden and Frye have been responsible for making calls that got the team into the end zone. NOT Tom.

The one thing that Tom Cable did do well was keep the team together and believing in the Raiders. But, to me, that just isn't enough. When you lead the League in penalties, can't win back to back games, and pass the ball 485 times and only run it 410 times on a team that should be a run first offense, he can't be trusted to call the plays again.

Had he brought in a play caller and focused on the O-Line, he would not be in this mess. The questions is, will Al give Tom another shot, within these parameters?

I don't want to hear the weak argument that "Defenses were stacking 8 in the box!!!"

Just to shed some perspective on this situation, the Jets ran the ball 607 times and passed only 393 times. Don't you think that teams were stacking the line against them? They are in the playoffs with a rookie QB with a passer rating of 63. Mark Sanchez threw 12 TDs and 20 INTs, yet, with Rex Ryan managing the game plan and sticking to the run, they were able to ride their defense to victory. Tom Cable, on the other hand, abandoned the run as soon as the team was down by a FG, and at other times after the opening coing toss.

It is sad when a Website full of "Somewhat Knowledgable Fans" out coaches a professional, game in and game out.

With that being said, unless Cable agrees with everything that I outlined above, I would fire him. In fact, I wouldn't have hired such an unqualified individual in the first place.

Each NFL Franchise is a 100 million dollar a year enterprise and hiring Cable was like promoting a 2nd level Mail Room Manager to CEO. There will bill a lot of Rah-Rahs and "Let's Go Team's", but, NO concept of how the machine actually works.