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Oakland Raider Update: No Word From Headquarters Could Be Good News For Cable

With no word out of Oakland Raider Headquarters in Alameda, perhaps Tom Cable has lived to fight another year. Perhaps.

Maybe it just takes a day for Al Davis' projector to heat up. Then again, Al does value what his players think and if Nnamdi, Seymour. Gallery and Lechler want him back, the Big Bear may be in for the Winter.

I just pray that Marc Trestman is booking a flight to Oakland, if that is the case. I also hope that a contract for Gradkowski is already in the works. I think that Gradkowski would be perfect in Trestman's system.

Continuity, at this point may be best. It is what Nnamdi wants, and , I'd say that over half of the board agrees after what I wrote yesterday!

Once this is settled, we can begin to focus on the draft and free agency.

Go Raiders!!!