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Silver and Black Pride Open Thread: Is Bryan Bulaga Caviar or Salmon Eggs?

Once again, this is your chance to talk about anything silver and black or black and blue. The thing that was first on my mind this morning is Brian Bulaga, the LT from Iowa. ( I know, I'm sick!!!)

I had a chance to watch this kid play a few times this year and he is definitely legit.

From Walter Football: (Perhaps the best draft ranking site around, Every Draft-Head should bookmark this site)

Bryan Bulaga, Iowa
Height: 6-6. Weight: 312.
Projected 40 Time: 4.92.
Projected Round (2010): Top 25 Pick.

1/7/10: Bryan Bulaga declared for the 2010 NFL Draft. This was a good move; Bulaga saw teammate Dace Richardson's career ruined because of a nasty knee injury. Bulaga is a projected first-round pick, so he was wise to leave school early.

10/24/09: Missed three games with an illness, but is still in the mix to be the second or third tackle to be taken off the board.

2/9/09: A very athletic left tackle from a program known for producing stud offensive linemen, Bryan Bulaga was an All-Big Ten second-teamer as a sophomore. Bulaga started as a true freshman.

I was hoping to see that he would be around in the second round, but it looks like he can be had in the mid to late first round. This may be a good chance for the Raiders to trade down instead of just picking 8th. There are actually a lot of good Linemen on both sides of the ball this year and we need to be wise and get three in the top two rounds, if that is possible.

Take a look at this site, find someone you like and break it down!!! Maybe WE can be Al's "Scout"!

Cheers, I am off to High School today, for the first time in 19 years. I am shadowing my son for the day.

Go Raiders!!!