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Maybe Tom Cable Went "Gruden" On Al Davis:

It has become the stuff of legend around here. You know, the way that Jon Gruden would have his film guys prepare tape to show Mr. Davis that HIS/Gruden's way would work better than what Al wanted to do.

It would behoove Tom Cable to have such a tape made for any meeting with Al Davis.

Some believe that Tom Cable was a yes man, just long enough to give Mr. Davis NO solid defense for his drafting and game planning.

What IF Tom Cable wanted to draft O-Linemen last season and was forced to tow th company line after expressing his praise for Eugene Monroe, Michael Oher and Max Unger.

If so, Tom Cable can make a tape of the performance that each of those young men had in comparison to the right side of our line and win in a landslide.

What if Cable wanted to start Gradkowski from the beginning of the season, yet, was forced to start JaMarcus?

This would not be tough to make a case for. All he would have to do is show some clips of "4-pat, Sand Lot" getting the ball out late or getting sacked and then show how well Gradkowski did when he was given a shot.

Of course, Al will have his own film from the play calling that doomed the team in Cleveland and the notorious "Jano Fake Field Goal", but Cable could hold his own, IF, he did  in fact NOT side with Davis on the draft or the game plan.