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All Hell Is Breaking Loose At The Top Of The AFC West!!!

Man, the season isn't even over yet and we have already seen the San Diego Chargers go DOWN in flames AGAIN. This time with a kicking performance that makes that poor kid in Ace Ventura Pet Detective look like Adam Vinatieri. And, you have to be looking at "Normal" Norv's position as "In the air" after having one of the best regular season winning records of any coach during his tenure in San Diego, yet, he cannot get his team to perform up to expectations in the post-season.

UPDATE: Norv Turner has signed a 3 Year Contract Extension.

Then in Denver, Head Coach, Josh McDaniels, is running wild with the organization once again. In a quick fix to find blame for an epic failure, starting off 6-0 and missing the Playoffs, he has decided to part ways with Mike Nolan and bring in ANOTHER former Patriot, some guy names Pees. (rumor is that Carrots and Potatoes are not far behind)

Nevermind that Nolan turned the team from the 26th best defense to the 6th best defense in the matter of one year, he is now likely headed to Miami. (In fact, Adam Schefter just confirmed this on his Twitter)

This is also after benching Schefter (Haha, Nice One Adam, It IS actually Scheffler) and Marshall for the final game of the season and jettisoning their star QB before the season started.

All the while all is quiet at the bottom of the Division. There is no chaos to report, in fact, Kansas City has improved their Coaching ranks considerably by adding Romeo Cronell and Charlie Weiss as Deffensive and Offensive Coordinators and the Raiders are "business as usual" with no overt sign if overhead projectors or claims of liars infiltrating the building.