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"Who" Is "Hue" Jackson? Is Hue Jackson The Answer To What Ails The Oakland Raiders?

Time and again last season, you, me, myself and the rest of the Raider Nation were subject to a gaggle of large egos that left this team in disarray.

Tom Cable was actually calling the plays, coaching the offensive, rather "UH-Fensive", line, was in charge of player personnel moves AND leading the troops as well as ansering to the media. Not ONCE did he say that it was too much to "Bear". He does look like a bear.

Al Davis clutched his spidery talons around HIS prize from the 2007 draft and his own ego let JaMarcus Russell start for the first 9 Games.

Now it seems that clearer heads are functioning.

I do believe that if you allow Tom Cable to be the "Figure-Head" of the team, a position which he has shown remarkable ability in, while the assistant coaches run the game plan that this TEAM can win next year.

IF it is true that Tom Cable has given up play calling duties and will concentrate on the O-Line and Team Building then he may be the best man for the job.

That brings me to my first question...

Who is best for the offensive coordinator job, or rather, is HUE Jackson best for this position?

He has worked with Cable before (Jackson was an Offensive Coordinator when Cable was the O-Line coach at Cal). He is coming form an offense that is built around the run and NOT making mistakes with the football. He has also coached at USC (Offensive Coordinator from 1997-2000), which Al Davis loves.

I want to get this question out there and I will update this story throughout the weekend, but, S&BP, is Hue the best for this job?