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The Big Question: McClain, Cody, or....Both?

Everyone and their uncle Larry knows that the Raiders run defense has been horrid as of late. Most of us are hoping and praying Al Davis drafts someone with that #8 pick to help with the run defense, whether it be a LB or a NT.

Two names commonly spoken on here are Rolando McClain and Terrance Cody. For a long time I've been favoring McClain, but now I question if he can succeed without great DT play like he had in Bama. So then I started to wonder if Cody could elevate the play of the linebackers we already have.

No one that we can get with our two second round picks really matches just how overwhelming Cody is and how much he elevates the rest of the defense, and no one at LB screams "next Ray Lewis" in the later rounds like McClain.

Then it hit me.........

What if we can get both?





McClain would have to be the #8 pick in this scenario. No if's, and's, or but's about it. After that it's kind of a guessing game with Cody.

Many draft boards have Cody either very late in the first, or not in the first at all (several big draft boards have him as the #50 pick). But what if he were to be in the first at say around 25 or so. The Raiders do have two second round picks. Chances are that most teams in that mid-to-late 20's and 30 range are thinking quantity over quality. Two second round picks sounds like just the right trade ammo for such a move.

Plus we would still have our third for a RT (since there's plenty of ZBS candidates in the later rounds) and those run defense woes could have been solved in one swoop.

Cody eating up blockers, McClain and Howard chasing down running backs or shooting through gaps to make a play in the backfield (I didn't say Morrison because I have the dark feeling he won't be back). Plus we would have a fiery leader in McClain and a guy he trusts in Cody.

Signing these two could also be an easy task since I bet they'd be dying to play together in the NFL. McClain's presence could also smooth over some hearsay of a bad work ethic/character issues of Cody.

Al would have two of the best physical specimens in the draft, we would get some good run D. Plus Al has traded up like this before, I almost expect him to this year IF Cody is still around. Two second round picks, a chance at two great athletes, it actually makes sense; which is the one reason why I won't guarantee this.