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Open Thread: Stock Market Crashing, Oracle Buying The Warriors, Senior Bowl:

There are many things that we can talk about as a Community today, so I'll start:

Stock Market Correction:

My portfolio is down 30% over the last week and I am holding steady. How about you. I have invested in Tech and shipping and my stocks, ZHNE, DRAM, NLST (Tech) and OCNF are getting pummeled. It hurts, but, it will only STING if I sell.

 Larry Ellison Buying the Warriors:

Please God, let this happen. Larry Ellison will single handedly bring respect to this organization. Just look at what happened in Dallas when an Internet "Maverick" took the reigns. Suddenly, it was no problem getting big name free agents and respected vets to come to Dallas, of all places. One can only hope that being in the 4th Largest Media Market with an owner who likes to show off his pieces will cure what has ailed us for 15 years under Chris Cohan. Godspeed Larry!!!

 Who is going to watch the Senior Bowl?:

I usually take a couple of days off to watch the Senior Bowl practices on the NFL Network, and unfortunately I have not even seen one drill this year. Can any of you fill me in on what you've seen? The MSM is doing a terrible job of reporting on it. It seems like once Tim Tebow looked like a DUD, their interest has waned.

 Those are my takes and pleas, feel free to talk about anything you wish in the thread and link anything that you wish, as long as it is appropriate.

 Go Raiders!!!