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Heading To The Tailgate: Updated Info:

Update: We are setting up in parking lot D rows 2 and 4, closest to the freeway on the north side. Just look for the two blue tents and one silver and black one at the end of the row. we are also the only ones flying a's flags.

For those of you who are going, here is what is on the menu:

Small Breakfast of Chorizo and eggs with tortillas w/ Bloody Marys


15 lb Rib Eye Roast, Newcastle Chicken (My secret recipe), Cajun Crab, Carne Asada, BBQ chicken, Tri Tip

We will be tailgating with the Grilla-Rilla Crew, look for their sign, I will also have a cheap little sign for S&BP. We wwill be in the North Lot/SF Side at the closest corner to the freeway and Oracle.

I will update this thread from my Palm once I get there!! Cheers!!!