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"Weighing" In on JaMarcus Russell:

Man, it really seems like this kid's head in stuck so far up his own posterior that he can't see the light of day, or he just doesn't want to play football. He has been called out by his Head Coach, teammates, the fans and the media, yet he HAD to get to Las Vegas in time to soak up EVERY ounce of Porn Week instead of showing up for the Oakland Raider's last team meeting.

You'd think that Monday would have been a good time for him to try and show his teammates that he was willing to work in the off-season and that next year would be better. Then again, that is what someone who respects the game and respects his teammates would do. Which brings up an interesting point. Does JaMarcus Russell really want to play in the NFL?

On my drive home yesterday I listened to Steve Young on KNBR pose the exact same question and it has made me think. Football is a grueling sport. From double sessions in the summer to the 12 hour 7 day weeks of the regular season, it takes serious commitment. You have to be in peak physical shape, which JaMarcus isn't. As a Quarterback, you need to be in early and out late every day because you need to watch more tape than anyone else, Jamarcus is out late, but he is not at the facility where he should be. You also have to be hungry, and, according to JaMarcus and his friends. "They eatin", just fine. You also have to be prepared to put your body on the line, a minimum 20 times a year against other top athletes.

The fact that JaMarcus Russell has not done any of the above leads me to the conclusion that he just came to the NFL for the money, women and fame and he does NOT want to give what it takes to be a football player. This goes deeper than just not being in shape and not being a team player or doing the required work. I believe that the problem with JaMarcus and the NFL is that he does not have it in his heart.

It would be stupid to cut him now, it wouldn't save the team any money as they can cut him before the first regular season game and still pay the same amount of money he would make if they cut him now, but, I believe, from everything that he's shown, that he is not Ryan Leaf, he is a quitter with no heart and a thief who stole games and money from the Raiders.

Prove me wrong JaMarcus, the next 7 months may be your last real chance to play football and I doubt that you can do anything else that would pay you as well, or allow you to "Eat" as well.