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Open Thread Day!!! NFL Playoffs, Draft, State of the Raider Nation, Music +++

You can use this thread to discuss anything you'd like.

For me, I am torn up over Jordan Shipley. The wide receiver from Texas is exactly the type of receiver that this team needs. It is just hard to tell if we don't already have that guy in Nick Miller because he never played this season.

It reminds me of when I asked a Raider Exec why they didn't play Bush at the end of his rookie season and IR'd him when Bush said he was fine. I told him that if we played him, we'd  know whether or not we should draft McFadden. His response, "We won't be picking 4th!!!".

I know that Nick was never healthy, but a tandem of Chaz, Murphy, DHB and Shipley could light up defenses.

Shipley is targeted as a Mid second rounder. What do you guys think.

On another note, Miss Francesca St. Martin was born Monday at 10:45 AM and both she and mommy are in perfect health...Physically...For those of you who have multiple children , you know what I mean!!!!

Off to work...Go RAIDERS!!!!!