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Saint's Take On Gannon-Gate: Rich Gannon Needs To Shut Up, Take His Football and Go Home

Perhaps I should have entitled this article 'Saint's Take On Why Gannon Cannot Get Past The Gate'. Rich Gannon must be suffering from some severe concussion effects because he knows how Al Davis works and he owes this franchise EVERYTHING.

I mean, who was Rich Gannon before he was rescued from the scrap heap in Kansas City? Gannon couldn't even beat out Elvis Grbac, yet, he became the 2002 League MVP with the players that Al Davis gave him.

Tim Brown, Jerry Rice, Tyrone Wheatley, Charlie Garner, Lincoln Kennedy, Rod Woodson, Romo...And the list goes on...were all players that Al Davis brought in to win a Championship. Rich Gannon benefitted from Al's leadership and the Raider Mystique that drew the players here.

How did he repay the Boss when things got tough? He spit on him, dragged him through the mud and hung him out to dry.

The Oakland Raiders are Al Davis' Legacy, NOT, Rich Gannon's. It is too bad that the one time League MVP didn't realize that his own legacy is tied to the Raiders and now he is out of the loop on that. I doubt that he will be getting any calls from the Chiefs or Vikings to be a part of any "Ring of Honor" Ceremonies and now he probably cost himself the chance to get together with his old buddies and relive the glory days in front of 60,000 screaming fans. That is just DUMB.

Rich should have been calling Mr. Davis to appologize, not to say, "I know better than you, so I'll HELP YOU OUT!". Then Rich Gannon goes on to mention "Helping" Aaron Rodgers. As if to take some credit for Aaron's meteoric rise.

Give me a break Rich, you were great for four years, THANKS to Mr. Davis, NOT in spite of him.