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A Victory Over The Chargers Today Will Change The Course For The Oakland Raiders

For 7 rudderless years the S.S. Oakland Raiders have resembled the Titanic more than the Pirate Ship that they once were. All of that can change today.

A winless streak against the San Diego Chargers that is synonymous with the current malaise is on the line today. Today is the day that Oakland needs to get out there rumble, throttle and stifle the Chargers in order to take that first GIGANTIC step to regaining the AFC West throne. That throne leads to the Playoffs.

Today is the day Oakland Raider fans and I will be there loud and proud until the final snap.

With that being the case someone will need to post a halftime and 2nd Half Thread.


As usual, here is a song to listen to as we all dream of getting that Charger Booty today: SONG