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Talkin' With Tyvon 2010: #07


Greetings Silver and Black Pride community. Once again I pleased to bring to all of you our player/fans interaction and interview with Tyvon Branch with #07 in the weekly installment of the series: Talkin' With Tyvon 2010

This week's interview with Tyvon is following the great streak breaking victory over the Chargers 35-27 and his look ahaed to the upcoming game versus the 49ers. In addition to following Tyvon here on a weekly basis, you can also keep up with Tyvon and his thoughts by following him on his twitter page @tyvonbranch.

Tyvon will be back here to respond to questions not comments, so you are invited to pose your questions to Tyvon in the comments section.

Full interview after the jump.

From Saint after the Houston game:

Hey Tyvon, I am wondering who’s responsibility it is to set the defense when Rolando comes out in the nickle? To the eyes of an amateur it looked to me like you guys were playing a two deep zone nickel and the Texans were lined up in a Power I when Arian broke the 74 yarder.

It is all about coming together as a team.

TB: It depends what set we are in for who sets the D. You are right though, there were a lot of us who had the chance to make a play on that 74 larder…we all missed. It was not a good play, and as a team, we have to pick each other up and make plays.

What a game Raider Nation. I love winning, but I especially love winning against the Chargers. For all of you who were at the game, I hope we gave you something to cheer about!!! Let’s win another one this week!!



TRW: A great, great game, defeating the Chargers at home in front of Raider Nation, ending the 13 game losing streak to them. Clearly this was a great team effort the entire game and that closed out this game. Can you describe for the feelings and emotions in the locker room after the game?


TB: It was a great feeling. We had some big plays on defense and special teams that put us over the top. As a defensive minded guy, I think big plays by the defense and special teams really swing momentum. It was great to be able to celebrate Sunday, but its back to work now.


TRW: Defending the run the previous week against Houston the defense was getting walled off and missing the gaps. Against San Diego though, the defense was very quick to seal the gaps and really limited the Chargers running game. There was some changeup of personnel on defense due to injury, but what would you attribute the significant improvement against the run versus San Diego to?


TB: Technically, we saw some things on film in which we were able to exploit. In reality, the flow of the game was just better. I am sure you guys sit around and watch the other games throughout the league, teams play different each week. It’s one of those things that I wish I could put my finger on, but often times the first couple plays can dictate a game.


TRW: For much of the game, Phillip Rivers was having his way against the Raiders defense, especially when he had the time to throw. The Raiders pressure for the first 57 minutes was inconsistent, but when you guys had to dial up the pressure, good things happened. Five straight blitzes by the Raiders defense on that fateful 4th quarter drive of the Chargers and Raider Nation was thrilled to see that kind of aggressiveness with the game on the line. What was the discussion and feeling on the sideline and in the huddle before and during those final drives of the Chargers?


TB: It was all about stopping Philip. He made play after play all day. We knew we had to get to him before he had time to make a play.


TRW: Huff made a great play to cause the fumble of Rivers in the 4th and you were there to pick up the loose ball and race and out run Sproles to the end zone for the decisive score. Can you describe what was going through your mind on that play and how about that dance of yours? Was that your knock-out swag dance?


TB: HA! Nothing was really going through my mind except don’t get caught. I am taking some heat for that dance, that’s for sure.


TRW: After an emotional and great victory against San Diego, you have to quickly store it in the memory bank and get ready for the 49ers this Sunday. The 49ers are 0-5 and no doubt desperate for a win, so how will the Raiders prepare to not have an emotional letdown against after such an emotional victory and facing an 0-5 team? 


TB: They will be hungry, there is no doubt about that. We will have to come out firing. I am not sure yet on where we will be with some of our injuries, but we need to bring the same passion we brought Sunday.


TRW: Also, you will have to contend with another great tight end in Vernon Davis and running back in Frank Gore, can we expect the Raiders defense to continue the aggressive pressure defense?


TB: Let’s hope. Upfront pressure opens up some other options, and once we get a game plan in, I will sneak some info to Raider Nation!


Thanks Tyvon and best of luck and keep up the winning against the 49ers.