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The Bay Area Sports Report Is Back:

Tonight we will be bringing back the old Podcast that Fooch and I used to do. The only difference is that instead of being on a Sports Bar Tour we will be doing the show remotely. Fooch from his pad in SF and me from my garage. What won't be different will be me drinking beer and talking smack.

Tonight we will be discussing the upcoming Raider-Niner game.

The difference is that we will be doing this every night at 8PM PST and there will be different hosts each night.

The real kick-off will be next week and I will give you the contact and call in info then.

Since tonight is our trial run with this new hosting company, we will not be taking calls.

The show can be found at LINK

Tomorrow we will be having Grant from McCovey Chronicles as a guest and Friday Vasu Vaddiparty will be hosting the Sharks show.

Each Podcast will be 30 minutes to start.